An innovative, new style of sour apple liqueur. An ideal aperitivo, with crystal clear appearance, a deep green apple intensity and a perfect cool acidity, it bears the signature of two well-known Greek mixologists Giannis Petros Petris and Vassilis Roussos, creators of the newly established company Pony and Jigger. MACHO is the only Greek clear sour apple liqueur: without dyes, with low alcohol content (20% abv), and fewer calories, it emphasizes the acidity of green apples and the ease of mixing it with wine, spirits and cocktail recipes.

color: clean, clear and crystalline

nose: fresh, cool, refreshing. As soon as it reaches the nose, the incomparable freshness of green apple extract awakens the senses and prepares them for the lovely accompanying aromas of flowers and citrus fruits.

mouth: crispy, fresh, full; like biting a sour apple. The beautiful distinct acidity and deep presence of sour apple stand out in each sip, while alcohol plays a discreet and supportive role, enhancing the pleasant and light character of the liqueur. The sourness and freshness of sour apples linger in the aftertaste.

to be served: neat, cool and in cocktails of all types, particularly in highballs and aperitifs. MACHO is made by bartenders for bartenders. It is a tool which upgrades recipes and adds extra intensity and sparkle. It also serves nicely as an aperitif and for easy mixing with wine and soft drinks.

1 Jigger MACHO Sour apple
2 Slices of lime
3 Jigger fresh cranberry juice

1 Pony= 29.57 ml
1 Jigger= 45 ml

In a Collins glass muddle the limes add ice and pour in all the ingredients

Stir till you fill the breeze

Drink and get the strength you need