Mahlepi, the beneficial and tasty ingredient that adds flavor to Mediterranean cuisine, becomes a spirit for the first time, inaugurating a new world category. The innovative drink is produced by Greek bartenders Giannis Petros Petris and Vassilis Roussos, courtesy of the company Pony & Jigger, with the method of soaking. Carefully selected wild cherry kernels (prunus mahaleb or cherry of St. Lucia) are carefully soaked in alcohol, in order to create a complex spirit of 30% abv.

color: transparent and clear, with dense tears, which form in the glass and reveal its full body.

nose: complex, fascinating, original and powerful. Concentrated and pleasant aromas form a palette in which notes of bitter almond, biscuit, baked bread and panettone predominate and evolve into hints of vanilla, coconut, crumb and almond paste, lightly roasted hazelnut and butter.

mouth: full, rich, velvety and complex. The mouth follows the nose with beautiful aromas of almond and brioche, which are enriched by cool notes of citrus, mainly orange. The taste is generous and delicious, balancing between acidity, sweetness and alcohol. The aftertaste lingers on, with the sweetness and warmth of nuts and vanilla.

to be served: neat, cool, with ice and iced (it is very pleasantly enjoyed in temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius). It is ideal for mixing, as it goes well with many spirits and ingredients. Its aromatic and flavour profile highlight aged spirits and can provide inspiration for Mediterranean and tiki cocktails. It can also be served as a digestif at the end of dinner.

goes well with: sweets such as panettone, ravani, almond cake, marzipan, orange pie, cookies, melomakarona, vanilla cream, tarts; of course, it also complements syrup soaked sweets perfectly.

1 Jigger KERNEL Mahlepi
1 Pony fresh lemon juice
A fresh egg white
A dash of aromatic bitters

1 Pony= 29.57 ml
1 Jigger= 45 ml

Pour in all the ingredients

Shake till your hands falls off!

Serve in a coupe glass and prepare yourself for something extraordinary