Giannis Petros Petris was born in Athens, in 1981, and has been working as a bartender since 1999.

A second-generation barman, he started out as an apprentice, before taking over the supervision of cocktail preparation in various well-known bars. He created one of the first new age cocktail bars in Athens, Pere Ubu, and has won several awards in Greece and abroad. He has been the creative force behind several famous brands and has edited spirits columns for various well-known magazines.

Bars, drinks, flavors, and gastronomy are a way of life for him; an investment in well-being and personal development. So far, he has completed degrees in bartending, wine and hospitality in Greece, London, Japan and America, culminating in his apprenticeship with the legendary English bartender Ben Reed. He has attended seminars in Berlin, Paris and New Orleans and has participated in world competitions in Cuba and Finland. A milestone in his personal journey, which helped shape his philosophy about a new way of bar management, was his visit to Tokyo and the Japanese school Takayuki Suzuki (cocktail design) in 2009.

Since then, he has returned to Tokyo many times and visited over 35 countries. Travelling is an inspiration for him, the source of new ideas, and new gastronomic and delicious discoveries, which is why his itinerary includes visits to wineries, distilleries, restaurants and bars in every destination.

His latest project is Pony and Jigger, the company of unexpected “anti-hero” drinks.

In the mind of Giannis Petros Petris

favorite professional moment: my first job as a bartender

favorite distillate: what the moment, the place, the weather, the food, and the company brings

favorite cuisine: Asian and Mediterranean

favorite bar in Athens: Red Lion

favorite Bar Abroad: Bar Fifteen in Tokyo

favorite anti-hero: Brian (Life of Brian)

favorite sideshow figure: the strongman

favorite drink: whiskey, highballs, margaritas, sours

favorite ingredients: Indian curry, smoked paprika, Japanese raw materials, spices

favorite food to make: seafood and fish