Triple sec, that flagship of liqueurs, is available for the first time in a new Greek recipe: a special Citrus blend, DAISY, courtesy of the Mediterranean Booze company Pony and Jigger and bartenders Giannis Petros Petris and Vassilis Roussos. After three years of research, testing and experimentation, Giannis and Vassilis perfected their recipe, and were able to create a masterfully balanced triple sec, for margarita and Mai tai cocktails, which achieves a perfect combination of oranges with curacao.

color: crystalline, clear, pure

nose: elegant, refined, charming, discreet. As the glass swirls, delicate notes of fragrant orange blossom and peel are released, only to be subsequently complemented by playful notes of bergamot and mandarin and subtle curacao, while in the background lingers the subtle presence of orange sweet preserve.

mouth: gentle, pleasant, tasty, soft, balanced. Notes of orange pop on the palate without becoming tedious and intense, leaving a sweet and sour aftertaste.

to be served: in countless classic cocktail preparations (margarita, cosmopolitan, Kamikaze, sidecar and White lady). In order to be exciting, cocktails like margarita with tequila and triple sec require more than just a good spirit base: they also need an equally good, tasty and balanced triple sec, which, instead of hindering, highlights the flavors. This is where DAISY and its mixing philosophy come in.

1 Jigger bianco tequila
1 Pony DAISY triple sec
1 Pony lime juice

1 Pony= 29.57 ml
1 Jigger= 45 ml

Fill a shaker with ice and pour in all the ingredients

Shake till your hand fall off!

Serve in a coupe glass, drink and see the future